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"Global Character of International Labour Migration: Challenges and Objectives for Higher Education in World Context"

Nina Zhuravska

Comparative Professional Pedagogy, 6 (3), 2016

The article deals with analysis of challenges and objectives for higher education in the context of globalization: the forming of international labour market proves the fact that the process of international integration is affecting economy and technology as well as social and labour relations that are becoming more and more global. The peculiarities of structure (gradation, succession, multivectorability, continuity), content (narrow profile, sustainable development, competency-based orientation, specialization, curriculum flexibility, combination of core and optional subjects, possibility to choose courses and modules of different levels), forms (designing and modeling in small groups, workshops, practical intensive and extended learning, role playing, lectures, online sessions, problem-oriented excursions, seminars, internships and extended pedagogical placements) in training of specialists at universities in European countries have been established. According to the project “Implementation and Influence of Curriculum Reforms in Higher Education in Europe” a competency-based approach is given much significance on the institutional level. Urgent objectives for higher education in Ukraine in the context of the return of emigrants to their home country, highly qualified specialists, in particular, is fast effective reforming of education based on practical orientation; appreciation of social phenomena in the context of their cultural values and the dynamics of society; global character of curricula (ethnocentrism, multiculturalism, interdisciplinarity, universality, innovativeness of international comparison and large potential for fulfilling needs in developing skills).

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