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"Health, Ageing Migrants and Care Strategies"

Bárbara Bäckström

Health, Culture and Society, 8 (2), 2015

This article is the result of a study that seeks to understand the relationship between socio-economic conditions, health and active ageing. We identified the activities related to active ageing in relation to health, the strategies used in active ageing and their determinants. We chose a qualitative methodology using semi-structured interviews and data processing that consisted of thematic content analysis in interviews. We carried out this analysis in two socio-economic groups of elderly Cape Verdean men and women in both groups making up a total of 22 cases. The socio-economic group interferes directly in the affairs of active ageing rather than health issues. In the higher socio-economic group, status determines active ageing rather than health issues. It is evident that in the group with lower socio-economic conditions, the latter act in parallel with health conditions and both determine activities developed by older people.

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