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“Highly skilled migration between the Global North and South: gender, life courses and institutions”

Ajay Bailey e Clara H. Mulder

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, advance article, 2017

Highly skilled migration is emerging as the new wave in the migration flows between countries both in the Global North and in the Global South. Skilled migration is seen as one of the key elements for economic growth and innovation. According to a joint paper released by the OECD, World Bank and ILO (2015), the share of skilled migrants compared to all other migrant groups has been continuously increasing and by 2010/2011, nearly one-third of all highly skilled migrants in the OECD came from Asia and one-fifth of all tertiary educated migrants in the OECD area are from countries such as India, China and the Philippines. Many of the skilled migration programmes are geared towards attracting the skilled workforce from the Global South (Boucher and Cerna, 2014). For example, in the EU many skilled migration programmes are geared towards third country nationals, as citizens of the EU countries have no mobility or residency restrictions within the EU.

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