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"Internal Migrations in Portugal (1995-2011): An exploratory characterization considering age groups, educational levels and activity"

Maria Cristina Sousa Gomes, Maria João Guardado Moreira e Maria Luís Rocha Pinto

Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas, 83, 2017

Portugal does not possess the instruments to enable a deep analysis of its internal migration trends despite the importance these trends represent in the population dynamics. This paper is based on data of the 2001 INE databases of the individual census in which each person was asked if he/she lived in the municipality where the census was being taken. This residence refers to the previous two and five years. This paper also addresses the 2011 global data regarding the same question. We concluded that, in both cases, more than 6% of the total residents of a municipality had migrated at least once before and about 2% of the residents had lived abroad. Furthermore, in 2001 considering the developed data, those who moved were more qualified than the average Portuguese population of the same age group and showed higher levels of employment.

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