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"Portugal - Refuge and Refugees: Movements and Personalities"

Maria Beatriz Rocha-Trindade

Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) Journal, 13, 2015

The geography of exile reveals the expansion of political and social ideas, since the real diffusers of ideologies were those forced to leave their countries. Their roles were highlighted throughout the text. The natural disasters that sporadically occur, usually unexpectedly, are different situations that deserve to be considered individually. Migrants have always transferred their ideals onto their itineraries ending up changing ways of governing, the recognition and allocation of social rights. During the 19th century the actions of European Socialists and anarchists in the American continent were visible. It would be very interesting to analyze the transfer produced by Portuguese exiles along the routes they travelled throughout the ages. This analysis glances into the continuities and discontinuities of a political sequence, following a methodology that combines history with sociology. This approach only mentions the essential, leaving the secondary aside. The distinct times considered, marked by the dates that individualize them and the specific integrating behavior logic, include not only some prominent personalities, who were real engines for the development of the initiatives mentioned, but also framing institutions that possess an inner intelligence which justify the actions pursued. Militancy was presented as a way of life - day after day, being exiled reinforced the Portuguese opposition to the regime. The great leaders of the opposition movements, whose names  became part of their own history, constitute a road to understand the struggles in which they were involved. The consequences of mistakes made and the ways found for organized counteraction mirror the reactions taken by nationals within and outside the country.

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