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"The Interplay Between International Migration and the Welfare State in the Context of the Ageing of the Migrant Population"

Oana Ciobanu, Claudio Bolzman

Scientific Annals of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iaşi. New Series - Sociology and Social Work Section, 8 (2), 2015

The article revisits the literature on international migration and the welfare state by focusing on the emerging population of ageing migrants. The scope is to develop a theoretical model that would allow the understanding of the inclusion of ageing migrants in the welfare state. The article enquires how do ageing migrants become included in the welfare system. Further, it narrows down and compares the Portuguese and Swiss welfare states with a focus on access to health care and pensions. The conclusion points to a heterogeneous population of ageing migrants that policies and states are not yet ready to accommodate.

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