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"The Varying Degrees of Liberalism in Migration and Immigration Policy Within the European Union: Causes, Consequences and Clashes"

Paula Hafner

Conspectus Borealis, 1 (1), 2016

This essay seeks to examine the most common factors that contribute to the varying degrees of liberal policies for the member states of the European Union (E.U.) regarding immigration issues. Additionally, it will expand on this topic and further study why some member states accept and grant asylum to significantly more immigrants than others. Secondly, it will look at how the political and ideological diversity within the E.U. affect the union, as well as E.U. policy and legislation regarding immigration. Hence, it seeks to determine whether the E.U. is becoming more or less liberal when it comes to these issues. Finally, it will try to answer the question of whether the E.U., considering its immigration problems, should continue with its open border policy for immigrants coming from outside the union and open its borders, or if it should impose more restrictive border controls.

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