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"The Effects of Attitudes toward Immigrants And Immigration Levels on Welfare Spending across the EU-27"

Ruth Forsyth

Spectrum: The Kennesaw Journal of Politics, 2 (1), 2015

This paper seeks to further explore the relationship between immigration and welfare spending. Specifically, this paper will analyze two relationships: the effect that Attitude toward Immigrants (the independent variable) of the public has on government Welfare Spending (the dependent variable), as well as the effect that Immigration Levels (the independent variable) has on Welfare Spending (the dependent variable). Previous studies have used what is now outdated data in their analyses, and/or have based their studies on a limited amount of European countries. This paper seeks to contribute to the existing literature by utilizing the most up-to-date data available in order to widely analyze the research question across 27 EU member states (henceforth referenced in this paper as the EU-27).

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